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तनावः परिचय र परिणाम

चिन्ता वा तनाव नहुने व्यक्ती सायदै कोहि होलान् । प्रत्येक  व्यक्तिलाई कुनै न कुनै किसिमको तनाव हुने गर्दछ । नियमित प्रक्रियामा भएको कुनै पनि परिवर्तनले निम्त्याउने शारीरिक, मानसिक, भावनात्मक तथा व्यवहारिक प्रतिक्रिया नै तनाव हो । यसले परिवर्तन वा खतरासँग जुध्न शरिरलाई तयार पार्दछ । यसले मानिसलाई उर्जावान् र सचेत राख्दछ । तनाव बिनाको जिवन…

Mental Health

Mental Health and Stress at Workplace

Most of the world’s population spend one-third of their adult lives at work. Mental stress at the workplace is common and can keep one from feeling and performing at his/her best —mentally, physically and emotionally. Research has shown that mental health issues including stress-related illnesses are directly impacting employers through absenteeism, employee productivity, and morale….

Mental Health

Mental Health at School

The children and adolescents spend most of their unique and formative time at school. Whilst most adolescents have good mental health there are factors like physical, emotional and social changes, exposure to poverty, abuse, or violence, that can make adolescents vulnerable to mental health problems. Mental health issues contribute to problems with achievements and relationships at…

Mental Health

Hair Loss and Mental Health

The problems of hair loss are very common, especially in the male population. Almost every society in the world associates luxurious hair with youth, beauty, and good health. For many people, hair is what makes them feel beautiful. Hair loss can be devastating and psychologically traumatic to some individuals while some might take it normally. Certain…